Our Approach

We believe we can help your business because:

Our Focus on Results delivers your Return on Investment

Our mission is to deliver real, measurable value to your business.  If we don’t believe we can deliver a worthwhile return, we won’t accept your engagement.   We guarantee Oyster Consulting will create Cost Reductions, Productivity Gains or Profit Increases that are at least 5 times your investment in our services.   It’s the reason over 90% of our clients offer us repeat business.

Your Organisation will Thrive with our combination of Management Expertise & Resources Know How

Solving complex, real-world problems requires both a detailed understanding of day to day operations and a big picture view of strategic issues.  Our team has decades of on the ground experience in the resources industry as well as highly regarded business acumen.

You’ll Benefit from an Experienced Senior Team of Resources Specialists

Each project benefits from a balanced holistic consulting team that integrates accounting and engineering disciplines, with a combination of people and technical skills.  You’ll receive the right balance of consulting resources from a team that shares more than 100 years of combined experience in resources operations.

We’ll Understand Your Needs & Empower You to Reach Your Goals

Every business is different, and our first priority is to listen to our clients to ensure we fit in with your way of doing things.  We understand the demands of day to day operations and work hard to ensure our activities support your team, are sympathetic to your schedule, and empower you to meet your objectives.

You’re dealing with Reputable and Recommended Consulting Professionals

Oyster Consulting is highly referred throughout the resources industry, with independent research finding 87% of clients willing to refer Oyster.  We value the trust of our clients above all else, and it shows in all our actions.  Please take the time to have a look at what our clients have to say about Oyster.